Friday March 13, 2020
5K Run on the Seabrook Trails – Start 5:45 PM
5K time limit 1 hour 15 minutes
(Friday 5K: Sunset is around 7:30 PM. Bring lights if necessary.)
Kids 1K – Start 5:30 PM

Saturday March 14, 2020
Early Marathon Walker Start ONLY – 6 AM
Marathon – Start 7:15 AM
4-Person Relay – Start 7:15 AM
3/4 Marathon – Start 7:15 AM.
Half Marathon – Start 7:30 AM
Saturday Course closes at 2 PM

Sunday March 15, 2020
1/4 Marathon – Start 7:15 AM. Time limit 2 hours
Half Marathon – Start 7:15 AM
2-Person Relay – Start 7:15 AM
5K – Start 7:30 AM
5K time limit 1 hour 15 minutes
Sunday Course Closes at 11:30 AM

Pelican Challenge (1/2 Saturday, 1/2 Sunday)
Seabrook Challenge; (3/4 Saturday, 1/4 Sunday)
Trail Challenge (Marathon Saturday, 1/2 Sunday)

The Course
The address of the race starting point is:
Rex Meador Park
2100 Meyer Rd
Seabrook TX 77586

The race is held on the Seabrook nature trails. The course consists mainly of crushed granite surface. Starting at Meador Park, proceeding to Pine Gully Park and returning to Meador Park. The first mile, approximately, will be on city streets. These streets will be closed to vehicle traffic for 30 minutes. The remainder of the course is run on the Seabrook trails which are open to the public. There will be police crossing guards at the three main street crossings (E. Meyer, Red Bluff, and Todville) Please use caution when crossing all streets and be courteous to the residents of the neighborhood.

Only official and local vehicles are allowed on the race course. No bicycles or baby joggers are allowed on the course.

  • Marathon Course: 4 Loops of the Seabrook Trails
  • Half Marathon Course: 2 Loops of the Seabrook Trails
  • Relay Course: Each person does one loop

Please read these Race Day Instructions.

Arrival Time and Parking: 
Note – Parking is limited! If possible, please car pool.
Please allow yourself ample time to find a parking space and get to the race start area. Roads on the race course will be CLOSED by 6:45 am. Follow the signs and direction from parking assistants. Parking is available at the following locations: Seabrook Intermediate School, Seabrook Sports Complex

Car pool if you can, bring your patience, and pay attention to the parking Volunteers and go where they tell you.

Additional overflow parking is available at Miramar Shopping Center approximately 5 blocks from the start. PLEASE do not block any driveways and be courteous to the residents of the area.

For driving directions, and a map for parking and of the start/finish area click on the Parking Map

Chip timing:
Timing tags will be attached to your bib – no bib, no time. If you lose or forget your bib on race day there is a $10 replacement fee.

Number of Participants:
This event will be limited to maximum 500 participants for each day, and 50 relay teams on Sunday. In the past, the races have filled up each year. Sign-up early to make sure you get in!

Time Limit:
The time limit for completing the Sunday half-marathon is four hours. For Saturday, the course will be open for 6-1/2 hours for all Saturday races (except early marathon walkers starting at 6 AM). Runners and walkers who have not finished by the time of course closure will be responsible for their own safety.

Marathon Walkers:
An early start at 6 AM Saturday is available. The 6 AM start time is available only for those expecting a finishing time exceeding 6 hours. No early start finisher will have a finish time less than 6 hours. Water station will likely be unavailable for the first loop of the early start. Choose the early start option when you register for the race. Only REGISTERED Marathon Walkers will be issued timing chips and allowed early start.

Marathon Walkers Early Start Instructions

Half-Marathon Walkers: No early start for the half marathon.

Relay: Fee is per team not per participant.

Saturday: Four person relay – Each participant has to complete one loop, once the first person completes a loop, the second starts, and so on. Each person will be issued their own individual timing chip, on their bib.

Sunday: Two person relay – Each person will complete one loop; once done the next person will start. Each person will be issued their own individual timing chip on their bib.

Switching Races For Individual (NOT RELAY):
An Individual (NOT RELAY) can switch races and days with no fees up to the bib name deadline unless the race is full. After the bib name deadline, there is a $15 charge to switch races and loss of personalized bib.

You must Contact us to switch.

Should you decide to drop from marathon to half, after the race starts, you will receive an official time, however, you will not be eligible for any awards. You will also receive the medal you registered for.

Switching Races For Relay:
You CANNOT switch from relay to an individual run, or vice versa.

Other Info:
Marathoners utilizing the early start will have a minimum official finishing time of 6 hours.
Relay: Each runner on a relay leg can only start after the proceeding relay leg has completed his leg. Otherwise, the team will be disqualified (no time recorded).

The Challenges

Sign up for (and complete) any challenge and get a cool, one of a kind third medal!

The Pelican Challenge – Run the half marathons on both Saturday and Sunday.  Save money by signing up for both under the challenge name.
The Seabrook Challenge – Run the 3/4 Marathon on Saturday & the 1/4 Marathon on Sunday. Save money by signing up for both under the challenge name.
The Trail Challenge – Run the Marathon on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday.  Again, save money by signing up for both under the challenge name.